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A Certain Ratio, often dismissed as Joy Division copyists, as perennial under-achievers, were something far more rich and strange than that.

Of course, any Ratioer is more than entitled to tell me to keep my opinions to myself ... (And, having said that, there is some wonderful music on every subsequent ACR release ... stick some of their stuff on an anonymous white label 12" and give it to some trend-setting DJs and they would be raving about the wonderful rare grooves they'd just discovered). Generally regarded as a missed opportunity, by the band as much as anyone else. Recorded in New Jersey and brought to perfection by Martin Hannett only for his settings to be zeroed by a hapless studio engineer (described by Tony Wilson as "that fucking six foot five hippy") just before the final mix, it is now a critical commonplace that the spark was lost then and there ... The Twilight Zone funk of 'Felch' and 'Forced Laugh', the percussion epic that is 'Winter Hill' ... Of course, with the arrogance and assurance of youth, they'd already released some of their best material on a series of singles - the aforementioned 'All Night Party'/'The Thin Boys' 7"and 'Shack Up', the 'Flight' and 'Do The Du(casse)' 12"s. They were young and talent is for burning.'Flight', perhaps ACR's finest achievement (one of Factory's finest, too and a perfect argument for just how it all was)...

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It's been the death of many a great pop band, and it did for ACR.

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ACR looked and sounded like the uber-Factory act while Joy Division were still sporting leather trousers and 'taches. Enter Donald Johnson and, for a while, ACR had it all.

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