Afghanistan dating and marriage

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Afghanistan dating and marriage - dating blue mountain pottery marks

In Russia dates take place at dances or at clubs where teens eat or chat with friends.

Afghan marriage traditions are family and community oriented affairs. Everyone in the immediate family and the extended family is invited to the wedding.The Afghan society is dominated by a reactionary view on women’s roles and rights.While some urban women enjoy some rights and even work outside the home, more traditional views still reign strong in the countryside.And widespread poverty still compels many parents to get their daughters married to avoid the cost of caring for them.Older, wealthier husbands will pay a larger bride-price for a girl.An easy going and down to earth lady new to dating sites.

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In 2011 Newsweek/The Daily Beast analyzed dozens of data points for 165 countries to determine which countries offer women the most expansive rights and the best quality of life.

Below are the results for Afghanistan: Score: 164 (out of 165) – Afghanistan Overall score (out of 100): 2.0 Economics: 55.3 Politics: 16.6 compare this with its neighbor ..

A lack of security from three decades of war, and the risk of kidnapping and rape, has also prompted many families to force their young daughters into marriage.

Some girls are bartered into marriage to repay debt or resolve a dispute.

Score 125, Iran Overall score (out of 100): 50.1 Justice: 54.9 Health: 77.9 Education: 76.8 Economics: 62.2 Politics: 12.1 – Child marriage: More than 50% of Afghan girls are married or engaged by 12. Women activists say up to 80 percent of marriages in poor rural areas are either forced or arranged.

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