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World-famous horticulturist Luther Burbank had gardens in this fertile region.The city hosts an annual Apple Blossom Festival The area's first known inhabitants were the native Coast Miwok and Pomo peoples.

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Sevastopol is also an important centre of marine biology research.The name of Sevastopolis (Modern Greek: Σεβαστούπολη, Sevastoupoli, old-fashioned Σεβαστούπολις, Sevastoupolis), or currently Sevastopol, was originally chosen in the same etymological trend as other cities in the Crimean peninsula that was intended to reflect its ancient Greek origins. Julius Caesar Octavianus and later awarded as a title to his successors. The city was probably named after the Empress ("Augusta") Catherine II of Russia who founded Sevastopol in 1783.It is a compound of two Greek nouns, σεβαστός (sebast? She visited the city in 1787 accompanied by Joseph II, the Emperor of Austria, and other foreign a port city in Ukraine, located on the Black Sea coast of the Crimea peninsula. The city, formerly the home of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, is now home to a Ukrainian naval base and facilities leased by the Russian Navy and used as the headquarters of both the Ukrainian Naval Forces and Russia's Black Sea Fleet.In 1993, the city was the subject of a territorial dispute between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.In particular, studying and training of dolphins has been conducted in the city since the end of World War II.