Aircraft clock with gps time updating

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Aircraft clock with gps time updating

GPS Satellite Constellation: The baseline satellite constellation consists of 24 satellites positioned in six earth-centered orbital planes with four operation satellites and a spare satellite slot in each orbital plane.The system can support a constellation of up to thirty satellites in orbit.

Our devices don't have any atomic clocks synchronized with GPS.Each satellite carries with it an atomic clock that "ticks" with a nominal accuracy of 1 nanosecond (1 billionth of a second).A GPS receiver in an airplane determines its current position and course by comparing the time signals it receives from the currently visible GPS satellites (usually 6 to 12) and trilaterating on the known positions of each satellite[1].It appeared that around that date the GPS time transmitted a wrong time, caused by one satellite that was decommissioned by the US Air Force (USAF).The time transmitted was off by 13 microseconds and that may have caused the clocks to get into the stressed mode, causing strange behaviour and thus producing many logbook entries made by the crew.Recently, around 3 february 2016, many digital clocks in a particular aircraft, in this case Embraer E190’s, experienced lots of digital clock errors showing weird characters, fast running time (double the speed) and various other errors.

The strange thing is that all these clocks were showing the problems at or around the same date, .It's used so that the receiver can tell relatively what the distance is to each satellite.If you hear Sat A say that the time is 0.00000 and Sat B says the time is 0.00010, then if they are in sync, you must be closer to B than to A.A reset of the clock, to re-synchronise it with the current GPS time taken from the aircraft systems, often solved the problem, and a clock replacement was subsequently not necessary anymore.So maybe, if you had any clock failures or irragularities, also on the 737, it may have been caused by this satellite issue.The orbital period of a GPS satellite is one-half of a sidereal day or 11 hours 58 minutes. DOD is the "steward" of GPS, and as such, is responsible to operate the system in accordance with the signal specification.

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