Ati accelerated driver vnc not updating

16-May-2016 01:38 by 4 Comments

Ati accelerated driver vnc not updating

The libs and DLLs can be distinguished using the right-click Properties menu item in Windows Explorer.

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XMS has reduced capability when running in a pure virtual PC through Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Please let us know what video card you are running and if possible the driver version as well.

It is likely that updating your video card's driver may correct this. I did fix it however on the local machine, but it still happens when I remote in.

Some graphics cards, as well as remote desktop, do not support functionality through Open GL version 1.5.

This is mostly a problem with older integrated graphics cards, in particular those manufactured by Intel.

Different graphics cards and drivers support different versions of the Open GL standard.

XMS currently uses features up to version 1.5 of Open GL (as of April 2009 version 3.1 was most recent version).

The following table gives the recommended Open Inventor release according to the Microsoft Developer environment: The following section gives the list of graphics boards validated by FEI Visualization Sciences Group for Open Inventor 9.5.

Open Inventor should run on any graphics system (board driver) that provides a complete implementation of Open GL 2.1 or higher (certain features may not be available depending on the Open GL version and extensions supported). We recommend using a professional graphics boards in order to benefit from the professional support offered by the vendors (driver bugs fixes, etc...).

if encountered under other circumstances please select help, report a problem or email support'Win 2008r2i didn't see any other posts. I also get this error with 4.1 and did with 4.0I am running Windows 2012R2.

I use a HP Microserver and I am presuming the error relates to the lack of a high end video card?

Open Inventor 9.7 is available for Visual Studio 2015, 2013, 2012.

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