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resize=259,194" data-original-width="259" data-original-height="194" itemprop=" title="Tel Aviv Pride 2" alt="Tel Aviv Pride 2" style="width: 259px; height: 194px;" data-recalc-dims="1" / Tel Aviv Pride 1 " data-medium-file=" It’s a big party where all the city is really involved!

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“So far, gay tourists have avoided coming to Israel because of the expensive flights and because there were no long weekend packages available, only week-long or 10-day packages.Having multiple partners also increases the chances of unprotected sex.Men who reported having more than five sexual partners a year reported having sex without a condom at double the frequency of respondents with fewer partners, the study showed.Discover Tel Aviv The website offers some travel tips in the city that never sleeps: Places you must see, gay city tour, information on the next gay pride and also a special section for girls only. ==================Hook-up with thousands of online gay, bi and straight members on a location based dating application.==================Atraf dating application is supported by a full featured website, with amazing features like:* detailed members profiles* member photos & galleries* member search by locaion & preferences* message inbox* friends & favorites lists* viewing members tracks* leaving graphical tracks* status updates* private & public chat rooms==================Atraf is the leading dating & nighlife website in Israel, hosting more then 300,000 members from Israel and the world. For this reason, the celebration of the Pride happens on the Friday! So, if the mass entertainment is not your thing, my suggestion is to join only the first party of the Parade, and then to leave the enjoyment of the Beach Party to the crowd.

As you know, in the Jewish calendar, the week starts on our Sunday, and the sacred day is our Saturday (Shabat). I must warn you: if you are a design snob, possibly you will find the city disappointing… I enjoy wondering around Tel Aviv to discover hidden corners of its narrow streets in the center, to find unexpected beautiful spots, cafes, small restaurants, street markets plenty of flavours… The Parade and the Beach Party are a lot of fun, but also very full of people! resize=259,259" data-original-width="259" data-original-height="259" itemprop=" title="Scruffy Gios - Hilton Beach" alt="Scruffy Gios - Hilton Beach" style="width: 259px; height: 259px;" data-recalc-dims="1" / Gios and a hottie on Hilton Beach " data-medium-file=" Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. [Http Exception (0x80004005): A potentially dangerous Request. Tel Aviv Pride ☀️ Always the best vibe 😘 Happy Pride IGers! 😍 #mygaypride #telavivpride #Gaystagram #gaypride #gay #beardlife #beardlove #beardedgay #beardedman #gaybarba #instagay #instawoof #instabarba #gaylife #gayfit #gayhunk #gaybeard #instagay #gayspain #gayscruff #gaylondon #gayuk #gaymadrid #gayberlin #gaytelaviv #gayisrael #gaygrancanaria #gaytravellers #grindr #scruff A post shared by Gay Scruffy Italian Traveller🐻 (@gios981) on Mazel Tov! In fact, rather than the Beach Party, I enjoyed much more the friendly atmosphere of the Hilton Beach, the fun gay beach of Tel Aviv. Today, Friday 3rd June 2016, Tel Aviv celebrates its biggest Gay Pride ever. However, men who were infected with HIV were twice as likely as other respondents to use condoms.

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