Auto updating weather radar

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We also help you monitor severe storms through weather radars and loops, and keep you out of "jams" with traffic cam images and the latest road conditions. is also useful for checking airport delays, weather warnings and watches, floods, or plotting hurricanes on the Net.

We do not offer radar for Canada but if you live close to the border our US mosaic will cover you. You may have seen we have a free forecast page on our site.

Called RIDGE (Radar Integrated Display with Geospatial Elements), the radar image can be layered with geospatial elements such as topography maps, highways, state/county boundaries and weather warnings.

While the radar image itself is the same as in the standard version, the geospatial ability in the enhanced version allows for the use of several features to aid the viewer.

Except for the "Rivers" image, all overlays are set to display when the page is initially loaded.

However, you can control which overlays display each time a page is loaded as the RIDGE enhanced version can "remember" your preferences.

The KMZ file generator for animations can be found below.

Make your selection from the choices below and click the submit button.

We also offer a custom premium forecast product for customers who pay for the Zoom Map.

Other city pages: Alaska Anchorage | Fairbanks Hawaii: Honolulu U.

Common to both the loop and non-looping images the overlay toggles area one of the best features of the enhanced view.

Located below the main radar image, using these toggles, you have the ability to turn the various overlays graphics on and off.

That will create a compressed file ending in "kmz". Selecting "open" will uncompress the file within your default KML/KMZ application.