Automated sec chat line

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Automated sec chat line

The diff script does not re-randomise the blacklist after applying the diff so might cause slow startups.

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The original one can be downloaded here: Update BL.

To download the diff files instead saving you bandwidth, try this script.

If you use the service then you must buy a subscription.

We do not password the blacklist download to keep scripts simple for all users. Automated Download You can obtain a script to do the download and update Dans Guardian automatically from here: BL.

If this option is not given, the environment variable WEECHAT_HOME is used (if not empty).

It is not recommended to edit configuration files by hand because Wee Chat may write them at any time (for example on /quit) and after any change you must run the command /reload (with the risk of losing other changes that were not yet saved with /save).

This is not a recent issue—new investing tools have been introduced for decades. Faster, cheaper computing has allowed for rapid innovation with personal investing—making it easier for all consumers to invest in low-cost, diversified portfolios.

The joint alert is one of the first publications from either the SEC or FINRA that recognizes the category of automated investing, which we created when we launched in May 2010.

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The latest blacklist download can be obtained from: