Blue collar and white collar dating

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Blue collar and white collar dating - dating tips love psychic

He also married a woman from the white-collar world and described the challenges that created.

I have dealt with certain types of people on here and have let go of my frustrations (for now) Yeah well it annoys me how people on here assume that someone like me, who has yet to finish my college degree and may not write so well, is necessarily lacking the substance to get along with them well in real life. I get along with white collar people in the real world whom have very high status jobs, and feel it is judgmental of people online to assume a person like me would not be able to have intelligent conversations with them in real life.The problem with this is: there are also white collars who go to college get their degrees and secure a professional job because it was expected of them, and not because they are even interested in being academic or discussing a wide array of topics.They could go to their office jobs and only be interested in debating if Kayne West will cheat on Kim Kardashian, and have little motivation to learn more about the world around them.I have interest in still continuing further, traveling and improving in French.However, my then bf J (now ex bf but we do plan on getting back together; it's a complicated issue that's keeping us apart; something out of our control but won't go into details) never went to college and is still afraid of driving but he is a supervisor at a supermarket.About 10 years ago, when I first began exploring issues related to socioeconomic status, a friend at the time recommended the book Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams, by Alfred Lubrano.

The book was inspired by the author’s move from his blue-collar life into the white-collar professional world.Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting a mate who shares common interests and backgrounds.I was hoping, however, that dating would give me an opportunity to expand my relatively limited world-view.The underlying stereotype I see are of blue collar workers who only talk about sport, fishing, and sex and lack the knowledge and motivation to learn about and discuss more intelligent topics.I have seen many of those types of blue collar workers, and I admit that type of person is more common among blue collar than white collars.I often hear about a man with a career or some higher education knowledge while the woman never went to college (this is my parents' case; my father studied for 2 years and then quitted but he knows some business administration concepts and is the landlord of another house consisting of 6 apartments while my mother is an SAHM and is keeps learning new things from us; if I asked her about the conflict with Syria she's clueless about that too) but how about the opposite?

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