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Taste is malty sweet with a pleasant residual sugar. Fairly clear deep orange with a large off white head.

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Watch on Youtube #Tbt to the Ryerson Steel plant which later became #Lagunitas Chicago... A post shared by The Lagunitas Brewing Company (@lagunitasbeer) on 1353 ft. I moved to the Seattle area just a few years after they were founded in 1993 in Lagunitas, California (they moved to Petaluma, California just 1 year later in 1994).I tried to visit them just this past September on a trip I took down to the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, but we ran into some unfortunate problems and had to cut our trip short. As a result I’ve never had the opportunity to taste any of Lagunitas’ barrel-aged selections.The only thing that’s really left now is the waiting.With that much massive build, things won’t really start kicking into life until January of 2017.Beer writers and the general public got their first taste of the in-progress space on Tuesday during a walkthrough of two of the three buildings.

Though the facility is ostensibly nothing more than a couple of industrial shells at the moment, things are already starting to ramp up on the construction side.

Caramel colored pour with a really nice khaki head. Full bodied to almost approach Doppelbock, but has some amber malt and filtered Oktoberfest sensibility. Sampled from a 12 oz brown bottle this beer poured a vibrant red-orange-caramel color with a large foamy orange-white head that left good lacing. Bottle: Cleap copper color with medium head and great lace.

Big malt depth, pleasant new school soft hop balance.

Brown shugga poured burnt copper body, not much carbonation or head to speak of. Flavors of carmel malts,nuts, brown sugar and a slightly bitter finish. Hazy rust colored pour with a beige head and great retention. Att "misshandla" en bryggning med farinsocker p det hr sttet r frsts helt otnkbart bland lagerlskande germaner. Det vilar en tung humlearom ver allt och smaken r ngot endimensionell med, inte helt ovntat, vldigt sta toner av bland annat russin och kraftig karamellmalt.

Yes there is some sweetness of burnt sugar and dark molasses, but overall way too hoppy. De tyska renhetslagarna och Lagunitas brott mot desamma sps hrmed bli freml fr nsta vrldskrig.

Nose is very typical of an american barley wine, with floral hops, a big sweet malt, and booze fighting for dominance.