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IBM Watson, Big Blue's big gamble on machine learning, is preparing to perform brain surgery.IBM (ibm) has partnered with Slack, the fast-growing workplace messaging app, to power the next iteration of Slackbot, Slack's flagship virtual assistant, the companies said Wednesday.

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They learn continuously from the conversations they have with people and can help fulfill an array of tasks without a monumental amount of programming.Tay, Microsoft Corp's so-called chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to engage with millennials on Twitter, lasted less than a day before it was hobbled by a barrage of racist and sexist comments by Twitter users that it parroted back to them.Tay Tweets (@Tayand You), which began tweeting on Wednesday, was designed to become "smarter" as more users interacted with it, according to its Twitter biography.Star Wars: The Force Awakens Auto Aiml Adventures of Superman A Conversation with Dr.Richard Wallace The Santa Clause 2 WHAT IS COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS?Slack said it plans to adopt "Watson Conversation," a month-old tool that helps bots interact through natural language, for its own assistant. Developers building applications on top of Slack will be able to draw on various Watson-powered tools, including sentiment analysis, which parses speech to infer emotion, and speech plug-ins, which translate text to spoken language, the company said."Slack and IBM share the same vision for how AI can transform workplace efficiency, and we recognize the important role developers are playing as they tap into cognitive technology to improve this part of our lives," said David Kenny, general manager of IBM Watson, in a statement.