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She's had her fair share of theatrical storylines, focusing on her relationships with fellow co-stars Jamie Laing, Alex Mytton and her current on-off boyfriend JP. Her parents gave her the nickname Binky when she was growing up – and it's stuck ever since!Her fallings-out with friends including Lucy Watson and Cheska Hull have also been the centre of scripts. star is a country-loving girl at heart Where did she grow up? She had a comfortable upbringing, with country walks, pony clubs and ski holidays all a staple.

In the spring of 2008 Cheryl opened her first dance studio, the highly successful Cheryl Burke Dance, which is located in Mountain View, CA.Binky with her sister Anna-Louise and Mummy Felstead Who is her family?Binky's parents Jane and Roger are divorced, with Binky admitting that her dad, the owner of an information software business, "travelled a lot" when she was younger.Her mum regularly appears on the BAFTA award-winning TV show as 'Mummy Felstead', and is just as much a hit with fans as Binky.She is always ready to dish out dating advice to her daughter and daughter's friends – the affluent residents of SW3.It’s ironic because DWTS season 19 has some high-profile celebrities, and we could totally see star Janel Parrish or fashion designer Betsey Johnson conducting diva behaviors behind the scenes. The same Sadie Robertson who’s family wears camouflage 360 days a year and eats cat-fish and drinks iced tea out of a mason jar?

Apparently, her reality TV fame has gone to her head, like it does so many teens who grow up on television.

She is also reportedly a major complainer and that is exactly the kind of person that no one wants to put up with for very long.

As for her onscreen appearance, how is she measuring up?

At 10, she discovered what would be her winning talent, ballroom dancing, and decided to hang up her ballet shoes to begin training in both Standard and Latin ballroom dancing.

By the age of 13, Cheryl was traveling and competing throughout the world.

“I’ll be the first to say that [Sharna] is as 100 percent a professional as she is beautiful,” Bonner shared. “I was telling her before we started tonight, ‘I can’t look at you for too long.