Christian teen dating contract

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Christian teen dating contract - who is robert adamson dating now

Dennis Rainey is the President, CEO and Co-founder of Family Life, a subsidiary of Cru.Since the organization began in 1976, Dennis’ leadership has enabled Family Life to grow into a dynamic and vital ministry that offers families blueprints for living godly lives, marriages, and families in more than 109 countries around the world.

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Together they have six children, plus five grafted in by marriage, and 22 grandchildren.

Ask your teen questions about what he or she thinks and feels about dating, and why.

Ask God to help you develop the kind of relationship with your teen in which your teen will feel safe openly and honestly discussing dating topics with you.

A written dating contract is the best way to make your rules clear.

Establish guideline s that you expect your teen to follow and write them down. Give your teen an opportunity to ask questions, or make suggestions about what he'd like to see in the contract.

But, just because he wants something, doesn't mean you have to give it to him. Then, he wouldn't be able to claim he didn't know the rules or that he didn't understand what you meant.

A dating contract can also help your teen establish a healthy relationship and it can prevent problems, like unplanned pregnancy or STDs. Dennis and Barbara Rainey encourage parents to talk to their pre-teens about dating with the help of the Passport2Purity tool from Family Life, which includes practical projects and lessons and even a “wait to date” contract designed to get your teen to think about his or her future relationships.Together the Raineys address the seven ways of seeing dating differently.” To test out if this would actually work for parents and teens, I decided to sign-up for a good old weight-loss contract.I figure, …when Operation Oprah succeeds, and my nightly affirmations work in the next 26 days (like the book said) I will have to look uber svelt and toned (the camera adds 10 pounds! At first, it was fun and I was excited by the prospect of losing 10 pounds, but then the contract got kinda serious…as in, it asked me to put up money–if you do not make your goal you can donate to charity.Barbara is a frequent speaker and resource for Family Life Today®, the award winning nationally syndicated daily radio broadcast.