Crazy dating voicemail

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Crazy dating voicemail - Video chat with horny girl without paying

If you have a story of your own that youre willing to share, please send it to us and well include it here, on our website.A funny voicemail greeting is one of those things that seems like a good idea...until you hear it time and time again.

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Here are 5 examples of funny phone greetings..why you shouldn't use them on your cell.

What if someone has the face of an angel but the voice of drunk Gilbert Gottfried?

A voicemail system (also known as voice message or voice bank) is a computer-based system that allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages; to select and deliver voice information; and to process transactions relating to individuals, organizations, products and services, using an ordinary telephone.

Voicemail systems are designed to convey a caller's recorded audio message to a recipient.

To do so they contain a user interface to select, play, and manage messages; a delivery method to either play or otherwise deliver the message; and a notification ability to inform the user of a waiting message.

While your best friends might think it's funny, anyone else will see a message like this for what it is: unnecessarily rude.

If you're looking for a new dating app -- which, let's be honest, you're probably not, because there are already about 12 billion out there -- here's a fun one.

You'll definitely irritate your mother (or anyone else important who calls you frequently) and you won't make a good first impression with your message. There is actually very little I find more irritating than this voicemail, especially for business.

Why do you want to fake out a business opportunity?

This voicemail leaves callers feeling embarrassed and you looking foolish.

This is a true story: my friend's voicemail says, "Hi, you've reached Dave, I'm screening your call." My friend is a recent college graduate, currently searching for a job.

We know dating is a crazy business, and first dates in particular, are often the worst.

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