Cursor updating table oracle

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Cursor updating table oracle - Pic mak janda sexy

Since there were a lot of duplicate data in this column, the best way to do is to update this column with the sequence numbers.To accomplish this, I need to create a sequence object in Oracle, and use Oracle cursor to loop and update the table column.

I spend an inordinate proportion of design time of an ETL system worrying about the relative proportion of rows inserted vs updated.

The interesting thing about this method is that it performs a context-switch between PL/SQL and SQL for every FETCH; this is less efficient.

I include it here because it allows us to compare the cost of context-switches to the cost of updates.

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Finally, a non-standard way that is the most efficient for Inter Base.

Create a stored procedure like this - assuming that pk is the primary key of table1: for select, t2.f1, t2.f2 from table1, t2 where table1= t2into :v_pk, :v_f1, :v_f2 do begin update table1 set f1 = :v_f1, f2 = :v_f2 where table1= :v_pk end; source: Ann Harrison on listserv PL/SQL ORACLE PROCEDURE (WALIKHAN09): DECLARE v_F1 T2. F2%TYPE; /* cursor declaration */ CURSOR c_ct IS SELECT FI, F2 FROM T2; BEGIN OPEN c_ct; LOOP FETCH c_ct INTO v_F1, v_F2; /* if there are no more rows to fetch, exit the loop */ EXIT WHEN c_ct%NOTFOUND;/* UPDATING TABLE */UPDATE T1 a SET a. The following example specifies how to update multiple columns in a table.In this example, two columns supplier_name and supplier_address is updated by a single statement.I have a Oracle database table with some fields (columns) in numeric format.Now I need to update one column, namely store_id, to make it a primary column with unique number id.For instance, I might have the following psuedo code: Excuse my psuedo code off the top of my head.

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