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Each is entirely responsible for the greater whole. A relationship can be unexpected in many ways, but at the core, there does have to be the same commitment and fidelity shared by both.

Rejection is very compelling feedback, so when she rejects him in favor of something else, the man's instinct is to adapt to the preferences displayed by her. You have to do it, but every time you do, those walls are built thicker and tougher and shut out more light.The racism of evolution theory has been documented well and widely publicized. worse than a Negro," but then reminisces that, "one cannot live the solitary life, with groggy old age, friendless ... shared Darwin's view that females were less highly evolved than males—ideas which he articulated in several books and many articles that influenced a generation of biologists. Since selection in the long term prunes out the weak, all factors which facilitate saving the weak work against evolution.It is known less widely that many evolutionists, including Charles Darwin, also taught that women are biologically inferior to men. Darwin reasoned that as a married man he would be a "poor slave, . and childless staring in one's face...." Darwin concludes his discussion on the philosophical note, "there is many a happy slave" and shortly thereafter, married (194). Romanes apparently saw himself as the guardian of evolution, vested with a responsibility to keep it on the right path. Males are subjected to more selection pressures than women, including the supposed tack that, in earlier times, the stronger, quicker, and more intelligent males were more apt to survive a hunt and bring back food. Further, some of the traits of women "are characteristic of the lower races, and anti therefore of a past and lower state of civilization" (183,564). We may also infer, from the law of the deviation from averages, so well illustrated by Mr. The conclusion that women are evolutionarily inferior to men is at the core of Darwin's major contribution to evolutionary theory: natural anti-sexual selection. Since humans evolved from animals, and "no one disputes that the bull differs in disposition from the cow, the wild-boar from the sow, the stallion from the mare, and, as is well known through the keepers of menageries, the males of the larger apes from the females," the same must be true with human females (Darwin, 183). If two lists were made of the most eminent men and women in poetry, painting, sculpture, music (inclusive of both composition and performance), history, science, and philosophy, with half-a-dozen names under each subject, the two lists would not bear comparison. Obviously, Darwin totally ignored the influence of culture, the environment, social roles, and the relatively few opportunities that existed in his day, as well as historically, for both men and women. Because "the strongest party always carries off the prize," the result is that "a weak man, unless he be a good hunter . Other examples Darwin uses to illustrate his conclusion that evolutionary forces caused men to be superior to women included animal comparisons. a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than can women—whether requiring deep thought, reason, or imagination, or merely the use of the senses and hands. the average of mental power in man must be above that of women (Darwin, 184).

paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope wrote that male animals play a "more active pan in the struggle for existence," and that all females, as mothers, have had to sacrifice growth for emotional strength . Darwin used examples of cultures that require the men to fight competitors to retain their wives to support this conclusion. is seldom permitted to keep a wife that a stronger man thinks worth his notice" (182).

Carl Vogt, a University of Geneva natural history professor who accepted many of "the conclusions of England's great modern naturalist, Charles Darwin," argued that "the child, the female, and the senile white" all had the intellect and nature of the "grown up Negro" (182). Further, the long tradition of males has been to protect women: only men went to battle, and the common war norms forbade deliberately killing women. the sedentary women, lacking any interior occupations, whose role is to raise children, love, and be passive (quoted in Gould, 194). The difficulties of postulating theories about human origins on the actual brain organization of our presumed fossil ancestors, with only a few limestone impregnated skulls—most of them bashed, shattered, and otherwise altered by the passage of millions of years—as evidence, would seem to be astronomical (193).

Many of Darwin's followers accepted this reasoning, including George Romanes, who concluded that evolution caused females to become, as Kevles postulated: . War pruned the weaker men, and only the best survived to return home and reproduce. more brains than the woman whom he must protect and nourish . Women's inferiority—a fact taken for granted by most scientists in the 1800s—was a major proof of evolution by natural selection. are closer to children and savages than to an adult, civilized man. Actually, many of the attempts to disprove the evolutionary view that women are intellectually inferior to men attacked the core of evolutionary theory because it is inexorably bound with human-group inferiority, which must exist, from which natural selection may select.

In fact, the Darwinism worldview leads directly to certain clear moral and religious teachings about the origin, purpose, and ultimate meaning of life that are can in good conscience say at one moment that they do not deal with God or religion, and then in the next breath make sweeping pronouncements about the purposelessness of the cosmos (Johnson, p. Some scientists are more open and forthright than Miller and Gould, some even concluding that "there is something dishonestly selfserving" in the tactic claiming that "science and religion are two separate fields" (Dawkins, p. Most evolutionists fully understand what is at stake in the creation/evolution controversy. Historians have documented meticulously the fact that Darwinism has had a devastating impact, not only on Christianity, but also on theism. Furthermore Darwin himself was "keenly aware of the political, social, and religious implications of his new idea.

Futuyma admits that anyone who "believes in Genesis as a literal description of history" holds a "worldview that is entirely incompatible with the idea of evolution . Many scientists also have admitted that the acceptance of Darwinism has convinced large numbers of people that the Genesis account of creation is erroneous, and that this has caused the whole house of theistic cards to tumble: If the Bible was wrong in the very first chapter of Genesis, then the veracity of the entire enterprise was called into question.

This is word for word what we were told when supply shopping for a Darwin Day event.

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