Dating bruises in elderly

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Barsley et al (1990) note that a major disadvantage of using UV photography is that the observer can not visualise what is being captured on film, and describe a technique of using a video recorder to capture UV images.

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There are numerous traps into which the clinician or the medical examiner can fall in evaluating and successfully maneuvering a case through the legal system.

They also indicated that the colours in bruises were dynamic, and could 'reappear' days later, and that separate bruises on the same person, inflicted at the same time did not necessarily exhibit the same colours, nor undergo equivalent changes in colours over time.

Following this study, Munang and colleagues (2002) looked at bruises in children, and observers were asked to decribe the predominant colour in vivo, and then again at a later date from a colour photograph.

The evaluation of child abuse and death in childhood is a specialized area that includes a vast body of knowledge.

Law enforcement officers and the public feel that this is a skill that is easy to acquire.

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