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As the chatter dies out, Dicsa Bulnes clears her throat, introduces herself and begins to speak. I am a prisoner in my own home, there’s nowhere for me to go.

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I didn’t want to leave home but after that we couldn’t stay; we left for Mexico in the middle of the night,” said Rincón, forcing a smile through her tears.The forum has called a meeting in its small San Pedro Sula office so a female journalist from a safe western country can hear about the daily battles endured by the women of this small central American nation.Aside from having one of the highest murder rates in the world – a national homicide rate of 79 per 100,000 – Honduras is rapidly becoming one of the most dangerous places on Earth for women.Of the 32,142 female migrants detained by Mexican immigration agents in the first nine months of this year, almost one in three were under 18.Almost 15,000 12- to 17-year-old girls from Central America’s northern triangle – Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras – have been apprehended here since 2014.The windowless room in downtown San Pedro Sula, Honduras’s second city, bustles with activity as more than a dozen women take their seats at a long oak table.

Water bottles are distributed and the electric fan switched to full blast to alleviate the oppressive summer heat creeping through the half-open door.

The call for proposals is designed to increase the economic opportunities of small-scale entrepreneurs and producers in the Dry Corridor of Honduras, especially women, youth and marginalized groups living in poverty.

Projects funded under this call for proposals must contribute to the achievement of the following ultimate outcome: In order to better communicate to Canadians the key aggregate results of this call, DFATD has established a performance indicator to measure and demonstrate results achieved.

A murderer tried to break out of jail disguised as a woman - but was caught after guards noticed he was 'walking funny' and 'speaking in a man's voice,' it was reported Wednesday.

Francisco Herrera Argueta, 55, dressed as a lady with a long skirt, blonde wig and fake breasts as he attempted to leave the maximum security jail along with other inmates' families following visiting hours.

Selected projects must be fully completed, including all project-reporting requirements, by February 15, 2022.