Dating in a sexually segregated society

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Dating in a sexually segregated society

Placing Houston’s rejection of HERO within the history of discrimination against racial minorities, sexual minorities, and women reveals a broader pattern: When previously marginalized groups demanded access to public accommodations, conservatives responded with toilet talk to stall these groups’ aspirations for social equality.

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Whites defended these segregated spaces with violence.

Opponents of HERO vilified transgender people as sexual predators and portrayed an ordinance protecting them as a “bathroom bill.” In so doing, they reframed a referendum question on civil rights as a question of whether to permit male sexual predators to molest children in women’s bathrooms. The conservative idea that civil rights protections sexually endanger women and children in public bathrooms is not new.

In fact, conservative sexual thought has been in the toilet since the 1940s.

If girls are overpowered by pushy boys in the classroom, this should be tackled by teachers – not by sending each group to different schools.

Then there are the obvious logical limits to the argument that boys and girls learn differently, and somehow act as barriers to one another’s education.

At face value, Cairns’ comments seem a little backward, even patronising.

Yet his focus on women, and on their relations with men, make more sense in the context of the girl-focussed body of research around single sex schools.

Various studies claim that girls are more confident and assertive when not surrounded by boys, and are more likely to choose subjects traditionally seen as “male”, like physics or maths.

Yet as Cairns writes, girls at his mixed school are a little “nonplussed” at their supposed “inability to thrive because they are sitting next to boys in class”.

For employers, this could translate into lost productivity.

For middle schools, high schools and colleges: bad student grades.

They say integrated churches are rare because attending one is like tiptoeing through a racial minefield.

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