Dating income disparity

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The problem I experienced is that people who made less than I did were correspondingly less responsible people.

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Although Smith grew up in an upper-middle-class household, she was not used to such extravagances.I'm a modern woman, but I was pretty insulted and disgusted.I mean, on one hand, I get paying more to make things easier on him financially, but on the other, I want us to be 50/50 partners and think that's the only way to keep things fair now and going forward in case things change. Beryl Tritel, Licensed Master Social Worker Congrats on the promotion!Money probably destroys relationships more than any issue outside cheating. If one is "keeping " the other it rarely works long term. That said I firmly believe that in the case of two adult men each must be financially independent. He had wads of medical bills left over from a bout with cancer; he had child support; he had business expenses; and—oh, yes—he had the Chinese symbol for money tattooed on his Achilles tendon.

I was hardly wealthy, but if I had to shell out more money than he did, so be it. Though he would never admit it, much of his masculinity was tied up in his wallet; he felt less virile for not being able to pay his (and my) way. Such as the time I eyed a dollar bracelet in a store window hoping he would buy it for me (he didn’t), and when I wondered how we would afford to have kids if we ever reached that point (we didn’t). Sharyn Sooho, a Boston divorce attorney and cofounder of, notes that one spouse earning significantly more than the other—or experiencing overwhelming success—is a leading cause of divorce.There’s a reason that finances are the number one cause of divorce (more than adultery even, and by a wide margin), and that’s because when you mess with someone’s money, you mess with their emotions.Anything that’s related to one’s survival is registered as a threat, so I imagine this issue is a stressor for both of you.Chatty Latina put it, “We’re not talking about a shy 5-year-old who’s nervous about his first day of kindergarten.These are GROWN MEN, so why the need to bolster their egos? ” (Some of these guys just seemed like insecure losers, from the way the women described them).That must have felt fantastic being rewarded for your hard work, so I understand how your boyfriend “charging” you for this major accomplishment might leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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