Dating lachenal concertinas

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Es ist ein Wheatstone Tutor Instrument mit genieteten Hebeln und Stimmzungen aus Messing. Preisliste von 1915 Umgerechnet auf heutige Werte kostete das Instrument damals ca 1200 CHF. Zum Stimmen verwende ich die istrobosoft app fr Ipad und Iphone. Der Ton ist nicht so brilliant wie bei der Wheatstone Concertina.

No case but comes with original Sheffield United Football Club shop plastic bag and bubble wrap! A very nice clean Wheatstone 6 sided rosewood ends, 5 fold bellows, steel reeds, superb condition. Serial number 29335 made in 1922, concert pitch 2,000 and probably original leather case with original instructions.If you have a Wheatstone concertina and you can identify the serial number (it is normally on one end) then this list will tell you the year of manufacture.Sometimes, if the label has been lost from the baffle in the older instruments, it can also be found stamped inside the bellows frame, in the treble-most slots of the reed pan, and on the reed-pan side of the action-box.Dieser Typ ist in der Preisliste von 1890 aufgefhrt und kostete umgerechnet auf heutige Whrung ca 2000 CHF.Auszug Preisliste: Eine Concertina zu restaurieren beinhaltet folgendes: - 48 Pads herstellen- 96 Ventilleder herstellen- 48 Federn herstellen- 150 Filzuntelegescheiben herstellen- Balg herstellen oder restaurieren- 96 Stimmzungen reinigen und stimmen- Holzteile restaurieren- Alles schn zusammenbauen- Koffer restaurieren, falls vorhanden Das gibt geschtzte 10 Arbeitstage zu tun....More details A XIX Century Concertina, possibly Lachenal but lacking label, with twenty-four buttons to each pierced end, paper covered bellows, in mahogany, velvet lined case; together with ' Boosey's Musical Instruction' booklet.

More details A late Victorian Lachenal & Co concertina, of hexagonal form, having pierced ends, annotated bone buttons, in original black leather and velvet lined case with label for ' Lachenal & Co, London WC' Condition Report / Extra Information Case - tarnished to extremities, stitching loose in parts, but otherwise complete.

......................................................... Jeffries 39 key Anglo Concertina, domed metal buttoned and metal ended, in C/G.

New seven fold bellows, fully refurbished excellent condition with original case. This is a good 6 sided metal ended Wheatstone serial number 30080 made in 1924.

manufactured concertinas in two parallel series of serial numbers; Englishes and Duets were given numbers #3XXXX, and Anglos were given numbers #5XXXX.

During these 37 years Wheatstone manufactured about 2,129 Englishes and Duets, with serial numbers from about #34955 through #37083, and some 9,498 Anglos, with serial numbers from #50001 through #59498.

A major project has been started to try and create some sort of master list of Lachenal dates, by Chris Algar, Bob Gaskins, Randy Merris and Wes Williams. Send Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas (see section 9) a note or an email giving a brief description of your Lachenal concertina and its number.

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