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In the aftermath of Lovell’s death, groups such as Help Save the Next Girl and Justice for Children Without Voices asked Facebook to remove the group.A Facebook representative tells to the social network’s community standards.

Sure your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend may tell you that he or she is clean but what about the person he or she was with before they ended up with you.

Well, believe it or not, that’s exactly the idea behind Flirtual Reality, a gaming app by Truly Social.

And do you think it can lead to romance in real life?

So while the Palace gave the public an unprecedented Diplomatic Reception portrait, once again we get nothing from Kate that we haven’t seen before.

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HIV takes three months for it to be fully mature and so a person can contract it and not realise it.

Well sex doesn’t only bring HIV it also brings teen and unwanted pregnancies.

On New Year’s Day, 13-year-old Nicole Lovell reportedly posted a photo of herself in the Facebook group Teen Dating and Flirting, along with the question: “Cute or nah?

” The post apparently garnered 304 responses, most of which were mean-spirited.

Being born royal or marrying into the family doesn’t guarantee the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II, it is an honor that is earned.

Princess Diana and Katharine, Duchess of Kent received theirs during their first year of marriage.

” one group member commented on a post about Lovell, hours before the group’s page disappeared from Facebook.

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    We do not have the staff to do genealogical research, but we will attempt to locate information when we have the time to do so.