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"It's impossible anyway to go back and do that properly without [Wright].

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"You have this idea that there are millions, literally, of people listening to it at the same time as you and that little strange telepathy of a feeling that you're sharing something live with all those people." Samson, who penned the words for five of 's 10 tracks, detailed how she developed the lyrics for the LP's songs.

Miss Samson then added: ‘This generation will be so alienated and they’re the ones who will be paying for our dotage.’ Yesterday she said hate mail has been sent to the home she shares with Dave Gilmour, 65, and their other sons Joe, 16, Gabriel, 14 and daughter Romany, nine.

Mr Gilmour has four children from a previous marriage.

"I walk for miles with [the track] on repeat in my headphones ...

But the more I walk with it and the more I listen to it, things just start emerging," Samson said. I mean, David speaks with the guitar." Samson, who first contributed lyrics to 1994's features "A Boat Lies Waiting," a tribute to late Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright, who passed away in September 2008.

To almost any outsider, they are a couple imbued with unimaginable good fortune.

As guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Pink Floyd, he is one of the most successful musicians of all time (his career spans six decades and has earned him an estimated £85 million).

On the track, following a long, piano-driven introduction, a sample of Wright's voice is heard speaking before Gilmour launches into the song.

"We've missed Rick as a friend, as a person, but I think it was at the point that you realized exactly what you'd lost in terms of music, you know, 50 years of reading each other's musical minds and what came out of that," Samson said to Gilmour, noting that the guitarist and keyboardist shared a musical "telepathy." Gilmour reiterated once again that Pink Floyd's story concluded with their 2014 swan song .

Miss Samson, 49, who is married to Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, was devastated when her son was jailed for 16 months after showing the ‘ultimate disrespect’ to Britain’s war dead by swinging from the flag on the Cenotaph.

A court heard the Cambridge history undergraduate was ‘out of his mind’ on a cocktail of LSD, Valium and whisky when he also attacked Prince Charles’s convoy during the tuition fee protests in London last December.

Gilmour was an early fan of rock and roll, Elvis Presley and the Everly Brothers, which inspired him to begin to teach himself to play guitar at age 8.