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To do it right, try something like: find /iss/sites/*/logs -name 'server.log*' -o -name archive -prune -type f -print | while read path ;do mv $path $/archive ;done Better still, use a standard log rotator; they can also do stuff that you probably will want to do anyway, like compress the file, and delete really old files. # Things to note in this script is that we run this script at 12 # every night, so we want to set the dirdate var the day the script # runs minus a day so we label the files with the correct day.

On 6 September 1965 I bought a 400 mm f/8 Soligor telephoto lens, serial number T 393329 and a 3× Soligor teleconverter.

I don't know what happened to the lens; I think that it must have been stolen from our house.

On 8 January 1966 I bought a Super-Takumar 28 mm f/3.5 wide angle lens, serial number 1364964.

As soon as that is done restart snort so we don't miss # anything.

Then delete any logs that are uncompressed and over a # week old.

“Dominic ist für alles Technische und die Entwicklung zuständig.

Ich kenne mich sehr gut im Marketing und im Dating-Markt aus”, sagt Gründerin Kraai.Then compress out todays logs and archive them away, and # Define other vars # logdir - Where the logs are kept # oldlogs - Where you want the archived logs kept # weeklogs - This is where you want to keep a weeks worth of log files uncompressed # dirdate - Todays Date in Month - Day - Year format # olddirdate - Todays date in the same format as dirdate, minus a week logdir=/capplan/log/cpu/cpulog oldlogs=/capplan/log/cpu/cpulog-old weeklogs=/capplan/log/cpu/cpulog-week month=`date " %m"` yesterday=`expr \`date " %d"\` - 1` eightday=`expr \`date " %d"\` - 8` year=`date " %y"` dirdate=$month-$yesterday-$year olddirdate=$month-$eightday-$year # Create the Dir for todays logs. -d $weeklogs/$dirdate ] then mkdir $weeklogs/$dirdate fi # Move the log files into todays log dir.Most of my cameras have had interchangeable lenses, and I've had a number of them.Manchmal vergessen wir nämlich, was wir eigentlich wert und wie fabelhaft wir sind - und verlieren an Selbstbewusstsein, wenn uns ein Typ mal wieder sitzen lässt.Es gibt da ganz bestimmte Menschen, die sich bestimmt sehr freuen, wenn wir unsere kostbare Zeit weniger in Mr.Big und mehr in sie investieren: Unsere Freundinnen.

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