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The two keep their relationship pretty private, but Dayna occasionally posts picture of Dylan or the two of them together.There's no denying how stunning Dayna is -- just a quick look at her Instagram feed shows some drop-dead gorgeous modeling shots. The former child star has kept a relatively low profile in recent years, but his twin brother, Cole, is still acting.

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And lately, there has been plenty of evidence piling up that proves these two might just be an item off-screen too. RELATED: Get to Know the Cast of Now obviously the cast is all super close.And though he never scored a date with a much older Maddie Fitzpatrick (played by Ashley Tisdale) on the Disney Channel show, it looks like he's found love in real life! Frazer is a lifestyle blogger and a stunning model for Freedom Models.She attended a college in Connecticut and majored in science and history.That said, some fans are using this as a jumping-off point for some more in-depth speculation.Take this one fan's thread outlining all of the evidence that has some believing there It obviously goes without saying that without a verbal confirmation from one or both parties, we can only speculate. Millennial fans are great at finding dirt and whether these two are social media official or not, their fans will find something.

If our calculations are correct, Cole Sprouse has been single since June 2015 when he and his longtime girlfriend, Bree Morgan, called it quits. But if they think they’re better off as pals, we’re okay with that, too.

More proof, courtesy of Lilli's Instagram story from a hangout session: And you would want your girlfriend to get along with those who know you the best!

Cole even used Lili as a model once for one of his photo shoots, and anyone who follows Cole knows how much his photography means to him.

Do you think she watches stars very closely —especially since they have been taking some very comfortable pictures together on Instagram.

Are they just friends or is there something more to the story?

But Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's on-screen chemistry has left many wondering, just how much of it is acting?

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