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Now she’s starring in Cedar Rapids, a film that’s been creating a buzz since its première at the Sundance festival earlier this year. 'It’s been really amazing that people have started to embrace me as a comedienne.’ Heche, 41, is no stranger to Cedar Rapids’ themes of romance in the workplace.It is about a naive middle-aged man (played by Ed Helms of The Hangover) who ventures out of his sheltered existence for the first time when he’s forced to attend an insurance conference. She met her first husband, the cameraman Coley Laffoon, while filming a comedy special for De Generes, and began a relationship with him three months after breaking up with De Generes.

Its mission, clearly stated from the outset, is to honestly document the challenges faced by tall women in the modern world.

And of course, it’s not as if there isn’t compelling drama to be mined from the organic interactions of everyday mundanity. Except the show’s insistence on tying all events back to the unusual tallness of the women onscreen makes what could very well be poignant material into a limp joke.

Something as ostensibly simple as purchasing a wedding dress has plenty of potential for dramatics, what with the attendant insecurities about the relationship conflating with bodily anxieties.

I'm sympathetic to his addiction issues and all, but Josh is that guy who's always saying and doing douchey things before he can stop himself.

Occasionally, said douchery is followed by a "wait, sorry, I didn't mean that" type conversation, but a girl gets too old for such things after a while. We could all laugh at Brendan's granola-douche ways because he wasn't dating us or anyone we love, but let's face it: This guy's tedious.

Like, pull your friend aside at Brendan's own vegan dinner party and tell her to get I am supremely suspicious of dudes who "don't know" they're obsessed with their best friend (in this case, Eva Amurri) until they're dating another nice girl.

Suddenly, everything becomes clear, and the cost is a terrible waste of time and makeup!

By the spring of 2000 her relationship with De Generes was in ruins and so was her career.

On 19 August 2000, the day after ending her three-year affair with De Generes, a dazed and scantily clad Heche knocked on the door of a stranger’s home in Fresno, California.

Heche plays the sole woman in a group of insurance agents for whom the conference represents their few days of fun each year, and who take the hapless Helms under their wing. That union ended when she fell for her co-star James Tupper, 45, on the set of the television series Men In Trees.

'Its not often you get to be one of the guys in a comedy. 'Where else do you meet people except in your workplace? I mean, that’s been way out there for years.’ Heche grew up in the sleepy town of Aurora, Ohio, the baby in a family of five.

We’ll cover five series over the course of a single season, handpicking the highlights and the opposite-of-highlights., fictitious NBC executive Jack Donaghy explains the enduring popularity of reality television as such: “It can be good, it can be terrible, it just can't be anything in between.” His point, unsavory as it might be, rings true.

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