Fluoride dating

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Fluoride dating

Just last month, a study was published which reported that adding fluoride to table salt had reduced dental decay in Jamaica.

The recommended maximum allowable concentration for a daily 8-hour time-weighted exposure is 0.1 ppm.There are far safer ways to improve dental health.” In England, around 10 per cent of the population (6 million) live in areas with a naturally or artificially fluoridated water supply of 1 mg fluoride per litre of drinking water.The researchers compared areas to records from 7935 general practices covering around 95 per cent of the English population in 2012-2013.Fluorine has been known to form compounds with rare gases, including xenon, radon, and krypton.Free fluorine has a characteristic pungent odor, detectable at concentrations as low as 20 ppb.Drawing upon mortuary and skeletal data, in this paper we explore the reliability and the suitability of fl uoride dating method to Neolithic Near East villages in general and the Neolithic site of Tell Halula in speci fi c.

Tell Halula, a Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site in Syria, contributes new archaeological evidence to understand the economical, demographic and social changes associated with the emergence of the fi rst farming societies in the Near East.

Most of us put our trust in fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

It is a common ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwashes, and several countries, including large parts of the UK, add fluoride to the water supply.

There is also some evidence that fluoride may increase the risk of other health issues, including weakened bones and thyroid conditions.

So could adding fluoride to drinking water be doing us more harm than good?

Original author unknown, Creative Commons License (Wikipedia) : flow or flux Properties: Fluorine has a melting point of -219.62°C (1 atm), boiling point of -188.14°C (1 atm), density of 1.696 g/l (0°C, 1 atm), specific gravity of liquid of 1.108 at its boiling point, and valence of 1. It is highly reactive, participating in reactions with virtually all organic and inorganic substances. Metals, glass, ceramics, carbon, and water will burn with a bright flame in fluorine.

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