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Thursday’s testimony at the trial before Bucks County Court Judge Jeffrey L.

Two local white women have also been convicted of supplying girls to the men. Racists are red with righteous rage; this is what happens, they say, when you let “coloureds” into the country.

Through Ritts' direction, she went over the details of the numerous sexual encounters she says she was exposed to, starting when she was 9.

She detailed the body parts Hill allegedly touched and had her touch, as well as the various rooms of their old mobile home where the sexual abuse occurred, during different times of the day.

Kaplan considered the sisters his “wives” and allegedly told police at least one had been “gifted” to him by her parents.

As each of them, all wearing baggy homemade flowered dresses, with wan faces and long hair, testified about being taken to Kaplan’s room at prepubescent ages for sexual acts, Kaplan remained quiet, often twisting his beard with his left hand and occasionally twitching his shoulders, neck, and head.

Muslims who condemn the exploitation, in their eyes, bring shame on the community. The one question nobody asks is how these men have been treating their sisters and wives.

Most of them behave just as abominably and cruelly indoors as they do outside when they prey on young flesh. Some – a small minority – do feel a kind of love for the women and girls in the family but many have monstrous views on sexual equality and feminine desire.The 15-year-old who testified first Thursday is one of six sisters whom Kaplan is charged with sexually assaulting while housing them and five others in his Feasterville home over a period of years.Kaplan, 52, was arrested last June after police discovered 11 girls living in his home, including two he fathered with the oldest daughter.When the girl, in a bright orange dress, nervously climbed into the witness chair, Ritts pulled up a chair of his own in front of her in order to sit at her level.Ritts went over "good touch" and "bad touch" with the girl, who stared straight at the prosecutor throughout much of the questioning.Home is a cage in which no pleasures are permitted, where hopes and freedoms expire.