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Airlines don't directly address this issue during flight attendant training, but, these days, few flight attendants tolerate sex onboard.They forbid able-bodied adults from entering the lavatory together.

Therefore, you can find someone interesting at any time and ask them out.(Note that someone who responses “0” to both isn’t necessarily a virgin, because they could have had sex before they turned “Millennials,” write the authors, “especially those born in the 1990s, were significantly more likely to have no sexual partners as adults compared to Gen X’ers born in the 1960s.” In some cases, percentage-wise, the difference is stark: 15 percent of those born 1990–1994 reported having no sex partners, for example, as compared to just 6 percent of those born 1965–1969.” And when the researchers conducted some statistical analysis to try to disaggregate the various forces that could give rise to a change like this, they found that “[m]ost of the rise in sexual inactivity was due to cohort rather than time period” — a fancy way of saying something is going on among that age group in particular, rather than in society atlarge.So what is going on with millennials that is causing a relatively high percentage of them to not have sex?Twenge and her colleagues present a few different partial theories.One has to do with the fact that, as Sherman put it in an email to me, “A lot of Millennials and all of IGen [those born 1995–2012, per the researchers’ definition] got sex after -positive.If passengers waiting in line suggest that something untoward may be happening in a bathroom, the crew member knocks and asks if everything is OK.

If they get no response, flight attendants have the means to unlock and open lavatory doors.

According to flight attendant legend, crew members occasionally greeted couples returning from the bathroom with a glass of champagne and a cigarette and officially welcomed them to the mile-high club.

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Specifically, Twenge and her colleagues honed in on two questions that have been asked since 1989: ‘‘Now thinking about the time since your 18 birthday (including the past 12 months), how many female partners have you had sex with?

” and the same question with “male” swapped in instead.

On ordinary days, when calling in a military escort would be over the top, what are flight attendants supposed to do when they happen upon an attempt to join the mile-high club?

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