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1911, Jack Slavin relaxes on an outing with son Frank, daughter-in-law Margaret (Entler), and grandchildren Russell, Kenneth, and Francis "Spike" Slavin. Shge married James Sheridan in Barclay, Pennsylvania, in 1873. In 1915 this group gathered-- William and Adeline Slavens, who had moved to the Waukee, Iowa, area in 1914, some of their children and grandchildren, and "shirt-tail" relatives of Adeline's. This is most likely his senior photo, which would have been taken in the fall of 1937. The photo is backstamped by a photographer in Little Rock, Arkansas; Jesse was mustered out of the 10th Iowa Infantry in Little Rock on August 15, 1865. More information on Lawrence can be found with the photo by following the link above. The William Cochran family poses for a photo in 1909, likely at their home in central Michigan. The twelve children of James and Rachael (Brown) Slaven gathered for a group photo at the time of their mother's death in April 1944. Maureen (Cochran) Place shared some photos of her family. Nina, born in Ravenswood in October 1881, lived to be 103. Keith Garvin, who shared the photo of his grand-uncle and aunt, is seeking more information on the Slevin family. Linda is looking for Lucinda's parents; some think it may be one of the families who had been living in Sevier County, Arkansas, during the 1840's (John or Robert Slaven). Thanks to Linda and to Mark Bowlby for sharing the photo. Sharon Meadows shares this photo of her husband's great-grandfather, John Alvis Slaven, his grandmother Florence Slaven, and her siblings, taken near Whitley City, Mc Creary County, Kentucky, in 1936. Charles Slavens was a son of Reuben and Sally (Kinnison) Slavens, and a pioneer resident of Pike County, Ohio. Elizabeth Slavens Peters and her daughters are pictured in a portrait sometime around 1890. Mattie Slavens Noel was a daughter of William Fletcher Slavens and Frances Ann Mc Coy, and a sister of Thomas Jefferson Slavens and Lucy Slavens Elsberry Britton of Audrain County, Missouri. More on John Oscar Slaven(s) Smith can be found on the Miscellaneous page. Jeff was one of James's brothers (sons of Absalom and Betty Woods Slaven) and settled in western Indiana, so a visit to the banks of the Wabash would be a possibility. (Jeff and Barzilla's photo is farther down this page.) Thanks to Sheri Vigil for the photo. Emily (Williams) Slaven, in a portrait taken circa 1902. Jim also shared this photo of Jack Slavin's sister Isabella Elizabeth Slavin, who was also born in England and came to Pennsylvania in 1865. You could definitely call this an extended family portrait. Jesse Slavens, a son of James and Nancy (Davis) Slavens of Hendricks County, Indiana, poses in his Civil War uniform for a portrait that was almsot certainly taken in the summer of 1865. Thomas moved his family to Kansas via covered wagon in the 1870's; he lived a long life, passing away in 1900. Lawrence was active with the Land League and later movements during this turbulent time of Irish history. The photo was taken in 1970 with Fred at Nina's home in Greenville, Michigan. Mary was the wife of Charles Slavens, who were pioneer residents of Pike County, Ohio, and the mother of Medal of Honor winner Samuel Slavens. James was a son of Owen and Mary Slevin of California; a brief obituary for Mary appears on this site. They were married in Mc Lennan County, Texas, in 1856. John had an interesting life; in the early 1900s he left his family in Iowa and lived the rest of his life in Kansas under the name John O. Somehwere along the line the family dropped the second "s" on the surname which is prevalent in this branch of the family. They are, seated from left, Paul Slaven, Madge Slaven King, and their mother Fannie Slaven; standing, Kathryn "Kit" Slaven Whiteaker, Alice Slaven Gronemeyer, Herman King, and Jennie Slaven Livezey. More information on Samuel and the "great locomotive chase" can be found on the Military, Bookshelf, and Miscellaneous pages of this website. While the couple is unidentified, I wonder if it might be Jefferson and Barzilla Slaven. Jessie Slaven, daughter of James and Emily Slaven, and husband William Davis in what's likely an engagement or wedding photo.

But I prefer to believe that common sense is something that my readers and I have in common; and that they will have patience with a dull summary of the facts.

I met my husband at 36; a lot of people have questioned it like, ‘she’s so desperate.’ I didn’t want to waste any more time.

After 35, I felt like I’d been in these relationships, some were great, some weren’t so great, but they weren’t right partnerships.

This baby girl shows to have been born to parents Mr. Ralph Weidley not Weibley (could have been a misprint by the paper) who lived at 1713 S. I also found an additional news clipping that list a hospital admittance by a Mrs. 4th in Lawton on 9-24-1969 with admittance reason of medial. (No telling witch address is correct 1713 or 713 S.

I believe I was born at Southwestern Clinic Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma because of a news clipping I Found in the Lawton Constitution on 1-8-1970 announcing the birth of a baby girl that matched my birth statistics.( dob, weight, birth time) .

Adoptee Birth City: Lawton, OKAdoptee Birth County: Comanche County Adoptee Birth State: Oklahoma Adoptee Birth Country: USAAdoptee Birth Mothers Name: Mrs. The child that is listed in the notice is Linda Marie Weidley with the dob of 1-7-1970. Believe second child's birth date is sometime between the 13th and 19th. Please contact me at email address Adoptee Birth Date: 6-19-1970Adoptee Gender: Male Adoptee Birth Race: Caucasian Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: ?

4th) Another news clipping I found in the Lawton constitution dated 5-14-1970 was an official notice posted in the Lawton Constitution announcing a hearing for the termination of parental rights for a Ralph Weidley. Henry is believed to be a grandson of Henry and Elizabeth (Houchin) Slaven, and we're trying to establish his father with some certainty-- was he also a Henry? They are buried in the Evergreen Mound Cemetery near Ottawa in Franklin County, Kansas. Donna Conner also shared this undated photo of Reuben Oliver's father, Thomas J. He was a son of Reuben and Elizabeth (Pherr) Slavens, born in 1814 in Montgomery County, Kentucky, moving with his family to Indiana in the late 1820's. Lawrence Slevin of Cloghan, King's County, Ireland poses with Dick Mc Grane after their release from Tullamore prison ca. A newspaper clipping on an earlier arrest appears on our website and more will follow. Motion picture pioneer James Slevin and his wife Sofia in a portrait ca. Slevin was a playwright and author, but is probably best remembered today for his pioneering motion pictures of European and Vatican leaders made just before World War I. Linda Trammell is sharing this photo of her gggrandparents, Thomas and Lucinda (Slavens) Edwards. Slaven's wife, and most of his children are pictured here in a family gathering for daughter Madge Slaven King's 50th wedding anniversary. Famous "Andrews' Raider" Samuel Slavens of Ohio is pictured in his Civil War uniform. Emily (Williams) Slaven and another couple, on the banks of the Wabash River in Indiana. Slaven of Scott County, Tennessee; they later settled in Glen Elder, Mitchell County, Kansas. From left to right they are: Fred, Steward, George, Marie, Anna (Kuhrt), baby Edward, John and Ida. Only Henry, near the center in the front row, was identified-- can you identify any of the others? Donna Conner shares the wedding photo of her great-grandparents, Reuben Oliver and Alber Lina (Nelson) Slavens, who were married September 6, 1897, in Coffey, Kansas. and Lucinda (Vermillion) Slavens, born in Putnam County, Indiana in 1866. Oliver and Alber lived in the Centropolis, Kansas area for many years; this photo was probably taken in the 1930's. Steward (also spelled Stuard) Riley Slaven, son of Absalom and Betty (Woods) Slaven, with their children taken around the turn of the century in Iowa. Marie Slaven, daughter of Steward Slaven, with Louis Frederick Matthes. Thanks to Danielle Rocha and David Britton for sharing the photo. So, she decided to do something different as she stepped outside of her comfort zone and tried online dating.Atkins shared with Essence that when she finally created a profile and started mixing and mingling with men on, to her surprise, she literally found her match. I put myself in the frame of mind where I wasn’t going to waste any more time, she said.Bowing down in blind credulity, as is my custom, before mere authority and the tradition of the elders, superstitiously swallowing a story I could not test at the time by experiment or private judgment, I am firmly of opinion that I was born on the 29th of May, 1874, on Campden Hill, Kensington; and baptised according to the formularies of the Church of England in the little church of St.

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    For our two weeks together, she e-mails me specific tasks, like giving my number to a guy and asking out three people who I would have ordinarily swiped left on—and actually going on dates. ” I realize on my way to the stadium that a first date at a three-hour sporting event is a gamble. Met is fun, even if he leaves on his cap during “God Bless America.” (He said an Irving Berlin song wasn’t patriotic enough for hat removal. I text a friend about the Banker Bro Disaster of 2016, and she says, “I was telling my boss a story about you, and I pulled up your Insta and he said, ‘She’s gorgeous.’” Emma tells me to ask out someone via Facebook, so I cheat a little: I Google The Boss, then ask my friend to give him my info. Neither did I, but he sends me a shirtless picture to show it off. At this point, the keg is empty and the details fuzzy.

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