Jewish and black interatial dating

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Jewish and black interatial dating - usa n women for dating

In 2016…hell almost 2017, you would think that folks wouldn’t trip over interracial dating.

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We all live our lives and love who we love on our own terms. Williams’ fiance as “the enemy” is just downright silly.

When news broke that Serena Williams was engaged to Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, a White man, as usual, folks got to talking.

I hate to say it, but every time a Black woman—or man for that matter—gets engaged to a member of another race or ethnicity, prejudice and racist folks alike come a stomping. But to outright judge a celebrity who you do not know…and frankly fellas, had a VERY small chance of snagging is just ridiculous.

Plus, who Serena Williams, or any woman who you aren’t dating for that matter, has NOTHING to do with you.

Just sayin.’ For some of you, love will never be colorblind.

Valentine’s Day is a thoroughly ridiculous holiday.

It’s okay, I can say that: I was born on Valentine’s Day.

But seriously, whose genius idea was it to place a holiday celebrating passion and romance and love in the dead of winter’s cold, cold heart?

That cute dress you want to wear to the restaurant? Those snakeskin shoes you’ve nicknamed “The Deal-Sealers?

The proof of this is the existence and common use of conversion rituals. Some forms of ethnic chauvinism bear larger historical burdens than others. It's indisputable that some Jews greet the non-Jewish spouses of fellow Jews with less than warmth and cordiality.

It would be nice if we lived in a world in which all formally identical acts of discrimination carried the same social weight. After 400 years of slavery, say, or the Holocaust, it is more reprehensible to get upset if your child marries a black or Jewish person (barring a legitimate religious objection) than it is for black and Jewish parents to frown upon their children marrying outside their respective groups, if that's the only reason the parents object. Jews have been known to mutter behind the backs even of converts.

To be fair to Weiss, while Judaism may be a religion, it's also an ethnicity, though such a broadly defined one that the notion of a "Jewish people" is more of a myth than a reality--after 2,000 years of Diaspora there are Indian Jews, Chinese Jews, and Ethiopian Jews.

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