Korean dating traditions

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Korean dating traditions - apostolic pentecostal dating

Korean arts include traditions in calligraphy, music, painting and pottery, often marked by the use of natural forms, surface decoration and bold colors or sounds.

The total area of the peninsula, including the islands, is about 85,000 square miles (222,000 square kilometers), of which about 45 percent or about 38,000 square miles (99,000 square kilometers) constitutes the territory of South Korea.

Korean sword practice entails the study and use of one or more of five sword architectures: the single-handed sabre (To); the single-handed sword (Geom); the two-handed saber (Ssangsoodo); the Spear Sword polearm (Hyup Do); and the Glaive polearm (Wol Do).

Any of these weapons can be studied following one of two disciplines.

No direct accounts of swordsmanship during the Three Kingdoms of Korea are extant, but there are 12th-century historiographical works (Samkuk Sagi.

"History of the Three Kingdoms" by Kim Bu-sik, 1145; Samkuk Yusa "Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms") which attest that systematic training of martial skills existed in each of the three early Korean states.

Geopolitically, the peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the sea and by Russia, China, and Japan.

Korea has suffered from the attempts of these neighboring countries to dominate it, particularly in the twentieth century.

These include but are not limited to body armor (Ho-gu), bamboo (Juk-To) and wooden (Mok-Geom) swords and a range of materials for piercing or cutting.

Production of Korean swords starts in the 4th century with the Hwandudaedo or "ring-pommel swords".

Korean artists sometimes modified Chinese traditions with a native preference for simple elegance, spontaneity, and an appreciation for purity of nature.

The Goryeo Dynasty (918–1392) was one of the most prolific periods for a wide range of disciplines, especially pottery.

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