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The contentious issue of the moment — pitting one of the three biggest companies,, against its major rivals — is whether online dating services can enhance their clients' safety by conducting criminal background screenings of would-be daters.

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In that exclusive interview with founder Herb Vest, he explained the reasoning behind his lobbying for a law requiring either background checks, or disclosure of the lack thereof on dating sites.

Said Vest:“The most important duty of government is to protect its citizens.

One way government can protect the health and safety of its citizens is requiring companies to disclose limitations in their product or service.

In a time when people are meeting online and then meeting in person, our industry should be doing everything it can to increase the safety of our customers.

Most importantly, our customers believe we are taking steps to ensure their safety.

Now, online dating firms will give Jersey girls one less thing to worry about.

Online dating companies should be taking advantage of the RCMP criminal records system to keep convicted criminals off their sites, say experts in the identity verification business.

"If we were to clean up, there's hordes of off-line singles who'd come online to find their soul mate." The pitch appeals to women like Jayne Hitchcock of York, Maine, who was victimized by three years of online harassment and cyberstalking in late '90s after someone assumed her identity and sent sexually explicit messages.

When Hitchcock later decided to try online dating, she turned to

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As Valentine's Day approaches, all is not lovey-dovey in the high-stakes online dating industry.

Lori Nugent, a partner at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker L. However, she said, other companies should carefully evaluate their own services and risk profiles before making any changes.“Those are business decisions that need to be made based on the type of service that they intend to provide,” Ms.

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