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She says we must allow her to marry the man she wants because we allowed our other daughter to marry.We are not rich but we do well as a family but I fear spending money on a wedding that is doomed. Reply You can’t discriminate between your girls and you can’t presume anything. This marriage might just work out and surprise you all.

We look forward to seeing and partying with you in one of our many exotic destinations!Biafra, he said, was going to be the homeland of the Igbo people.The government, though, responded with a heavy hand and a bloody civil war ensued.This isnot about excluding her – it’s about you and him sharing special time in order to nurture your relationship. He must tell her that he loves her but she cannot compete with you.You are his wife — his life partner — therefore there are certain privileges that are for you and you alone. Hi Sis Noe My husband wants me to be a career woman but I want to be a mother.DO YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY DOING ESCORTING AND MASSAGING?

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You told her what you think of her man, she still wants to get married to him so there is nothing you can do. When my husband buys me gifts she expects to get something as well.

I am beginning to hate her even though I know it’s wrong. Reply It’s admirable of your husband to consider his mother, but it’s really not necessary for her to spend every special occasion with you. He should respectfully explain that he wants to spend some time alone with you.

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