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Even Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who was coming off of teen heartthrob status from lasted 10 seasons and 293 episodes, but 20 years later, some moments stand out more than others.

Come on, you know how much this movie made you cheer, sigh, and almost cry. He closes the space between them, picks her up and they kiss, spin, and kiss some more. @Bungluna I love the way she stares at him in some scenes, it takes my breath away. :) @Mochabean There is a book version where Watts does just that!

On a summer afternoon at a café in Santa Monica, I started with the one question that I had to get out of the way: why Molly Ringwald didn't marry the man I thought she should have. I ran out of time and had to go shoot another picture. John would have been very surprised that he was being saluted at the Oscars. Instead, there was a horror film montage that went on twice as long. I idolized her, and she was exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. He gets just about everything that one needs to get from that picture from the words alone.

It's logical that you should have married Matthew Broderick. Our segment was supposed to have been longer, but the producers cut it. MORE INTERVIEWS: Eleanor Barkhorn: Rosanne Cash on Writing, Country Music, and Her Father Alex Remington: Deadspin Founder on the Future of Sports, Movies Douglas Gorney: Bill Mc Kibben: How Our Economy is Killing the Earth What films do you think best reflect what it means to be a teenager? Splendor in the Grass is an excellent movie about teenagers. And Gena Rowlands, who played my mom in my first picture, Tempest—I watched all the movies she made with John Cassavetes. The other day, I saw Emma Thompson in Last Chance Harvey. Now the truth can be told: in your movie Pretty in Pink, wasn't your character, Andie Walsh, just a little bit attracted to Steff, played by James Spader?

is missing from that list, something's wrong with you.

On October 4, 1990, Fox premiered a little show about the Walsh family, Minnesotans who move to Beverly Hills, Calif.

But Amanda Jones completely infatuates him and changes everything.

Keith stops and stares at her, bites his bottom lip a little holding back a smile. And yes, I think Keith was my inspiration for loving Beta Heroes so much. She's been meaning to cancel out on the date but chickens out or something. All to save up and fulfill his father’s dreams of an academic scholarship. Amanda finds out on her own and in a heated confrontation asks Keith out on a date to spite Hardy. He presents her with a portrait of herself and she is deeply touched. Amanda slaps the hell out of Hardy in a heated confrontation and the tough guys ensure Keith’s safety. Keith is feeling more and more independent and seriously considers art school. Keith knows it’s a grab for revenge but its Amanda, why the hell not say yes and he forces her to keep the date. The date is over and Watts is waiting for them, the ever faithful chauffeur, but she’s had about all she can stand of seeing Keith love another girl… She also plays a mom on the Monday night ABC Family drama, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. But I'm very happy with my husband—and I think Matthew is quite happy with his wife. We were supposed to be in a John Hughes picture called Oil and Vinegar. He wanted me to play the role of a character called Watts, which went to Mary Stuart Masterson, but I was ready to graduate from high school. There was a tribute to Hughes at the Academy Awards ceremony earlier this year. There was a nude teacher swimming, scenes that were there just to insert nudity, to make the movie a little more like Porky's. He called me a week before we were supposed to start. He had us go through them, piecing together a script that was like the one I originally agreed to do. What would John Hughes think of your series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Once he stopped doing the movies that we did together, we didn't stay in contact. All my representatives kept advising me to write the story for Time. All I could think was that my hair looked overly processed. Well, I don't think there's anyone who could have played that role better than she did. Gordon Willis, a very famous cameraman, was shooting it. Warren would take Robert Downey and me into a room and make us break down the entire script. He would even delete stage direction because that was how Stella Adler, his acting coach, trained him. After I lose all the money and Robert and I are walking in the casino garage, I'm eating Maalox. Of all your film directors, who is the one who understood you the most? Which director got the best performance out of you? Warren Beatty had an impact on me, too, especially in terms of his interest in politics. John Hughes likened him to a modern-day Eddie Haskell from the series Leave It to Beaver.She is the author of a new book, Getting the Pretty Back, her guide to style, friendship, romance, and motherhood. 19, Ringwald will join her Breakfast Club co-stars Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, and Ally Sheedy in New York for a Film Society of Lincoln Center screening and retrospective of Hughes, to be moderated by writer-director Kevin Smith. The script needed some re-writes and John didn't want to meet and re-write. In the Times story you wrote about Hughes, you mentioned turning one of his pictures down. You and Matthew Broderick, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ally Sheedy paid your respects. Before I made movies with John, whenever people thought of teen movies, they thought of Animal House and Porky's. The thinking was: if we're going to make a teen movie, then it should be like Porky's because it was a hit. Do you think you really knew what it was like to be a teenager? One of your best films that seems as though it's been forgotten is the romantic comedy The Pick-Up Artist, co-starring Robert Downey, Jr., and set in Atlantic City. Warren believes that every time a character does something, it should be organic. Comedy can be cruel, and while political correctness is important in many instances, it would pretty much be the death of comedy if it were taken to the extreme. I loved Diane Keaton in all her Woody Allen movies.In 2004, Mary starred in the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

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