Men find me intimidating

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Over the many years I was dating men (or wishing I was), I sabotaged any chance of connecting with them.I see these same giant barriers in most women I coach.

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We can present our power and rich life experience in a way that bombards men.

What men want most is a feminine, nurturing, kind, caring, easy-going woman. They don’t care how many degrees you have, how much money you make, or if you can change your own tire.

I often stump my coaching clients with the following question: Men are simple and straightforward. Inside every female top-notch attorney, investment banker and CEO is a soft gooey center — you’re a woman, after all.

When I hear this, I listen patiently and empathetically, and then, when the time is right, I explain that it's just not true. In fact, they admire your ambition and accomplishments.

I speak with men every single day, and I have the inside scoop about how men really feel. What they like is the masculine energy you bring to the dinner table.

Don’t be argumentative when you disagree with something he says – agree to disagree and be a good listener.5. Let him lead (order for you, open doors, hail the cab, etc)7.

why am i always told by women that they find me intimidating because of my accomplishments and aspirations in life.

(I probably added a couple expletives, but I’ll spare you.) After I finally got sick enough of being alone and having one dating failure after the other, I took a good look at myself. In truth, that was my test, and very few men passed. I’ve written an e Book and numerous articles about what was behind this.

What I saw was that my approach to men was somewhat cold, defensive, and bordering on aggressive I came right at these poor guys with all I had: big personality, sarcastic wit, strong opinions and personal power. I now know that I was the giant wall standing in my own way.

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As a matchmaker and dating coach in Washington, DC, a town full of sharp, successful, powerful women, I often hear the line, “Men are intimidated by me”.

I really don't see myself as above average but I am told this ALL OF THE TIME!