Mysql updating timestamp

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It's a lean Object Relational Mapper, allowing you to drop down to the raw knex interface whenever you need a custom query that doesn't quite fit with the stock conventions.

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Model.extend();var knex = require('knex')(); var bookshelf = require('bookshelf')(knex); var User = bookshelf. Come join us in the #bookshelf freenode IRC channel for support on and bookshelf.js, or post an issue on Stack Overflow or in the Git Hub issue tracker.

With a concise, literate codebase, Bookshelf is simple to read, understand, and extend.

It doesn't force you to use any specific validation scheme, provides flexible and efficient relation/nested-relation loading, and first class transaction support.

(Note that an UPDATE that sets a column to the value it already has will not cause the TIMESTAMP column to be updated, because if you set a column to its current value, My SQL ignores the update for efficiency.) 3. Try using a DATETIME type and when you insert pass it a value of NOW().

Debezium’s My SQL Connector can monitor and record all of the row-level changes in the databases on a My SQL server or HA My SQL cluster.

Each of the news items has a timestamp field to know the date and time each of the news where submited.

When a user sees a news item I run a function that adds the number of views that item has: The code runs correctly and adds the views without a problem.-- set date_updated to current time insert into t (name) values ('test'); update t set name = 'test'; -- override date_updated to certain value insert into t (name, date_updated) values ('test', '2011-08-02 '); update t set name = 'test', date_updated = '2011-08-02 '; Alternatively it is possible to use triggers to have as many auto updated datetime columns as needed.However personally I prefer to avoid triggers as much as possible.It is designed to work well with Postgre SQL, My SQL, and SQLite3. The project is hosted on Git Hub, and has a comprehensive test suite.Bookshelf aims to provide a simple library for common tasks when querying databases in Java Script, and forming relations between these objects, taking a lot of ideas from the the Data Mapper Pattern.All of the events for each table are recorded in a separate Kafka topic, where they can be easily consumed by applications and services.

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