One on one sex chat indeia

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One on one sex chat indeia

“We have detained a woman from a telecalling institute in North 24 Pargana district’s Barasat for allegedly asking some of her employees to indulge in adult chatting with their customers,” said an officer from Barasat police station.According to the complainants, the woman, who gave advertisements in the news papers offering female telecallers’ jobs, allegedly asked the new joiners to have a sexual conversation by calling up people.“We were offered a telecallers’ job and were given a seven day training.

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The staff is there to wipe out any negativity that comes with chatroom experiences, keeping the atmosphere safe and fun.However, on Monday we were asked to call up some people in random and have sexual conversations with them,” said one of the girls who lodged the police complaint.“The woman threatened us when we refused to do the job.She also refused to return our documents which we submitted at the time of joining,” she added.New security installed in the app might mean that it contravenes Indian rules that force companies to use a specific kind of encryption.The company announced this week that all chats on its service would be end-to-end encrypted, meaning that it wouldn’t be possible for the company or others to read what is contained within them.Police said they are investigating if the organisation has any links with the sex rackets.“ We are interrogating the woman to know if the organisation is connected to a sex racket,” the officer added.

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A woman was detained on Tuesday from West Bengal’s North 24 Pargans district for allegedly forcing a group of young girls to indulge in adult chatting over phone in the name of tele-calling, police said.

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