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But it has been my experience in the last two years that the work of promoting the book requires just as much work as writing the book, if not more so.

In one of several cases, two reporters working for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty were arrested in July by intelligence services in Konar province and were detained for a week without charge.Stings are most commonly carried out by law enforcement agents, sometimes posing as an under-aged youth in a chat room to target sexual predators, or as a John to bring down a prostitution ring.But there are many other situations that could require a sting operation, and the network of investigators working with ICS is highly trained and experienced in carrying them out.Critics of the law have alleged that its prohibition of "anti-Islamic" writings is overly vague and has led to considerable confusion within the journalistic community on what constitutes permissible content.Media diversity and freedom is markedly higher in Kabul, and some warlords display limited tolerance for independent media in the areas under their control.A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V Y Z LE=Legal Environment PE=Political Environment EE=Economic Environment Afghanistan Not Free LE: 21 PE: 28 EE: 20 Total Score: 69 The environment for Afghanistan's fledgling media worsened slightly in 2005 as journalists faced an increase in attacks and legal harassment during the year.

Article 34 of the new constitution, passed in January 2004, provides for freedom of the press and of expression.Call us today for a free consultation to analyze your needs.Sting Operations are sometimes the most effective way to discover the truth, or to catch a criminal in the act.Financial inclusion, social schemes and women power - they were the major themes of the President Pranab Mukherjee speech before the start of the Budget session of Parliament recently.Kicking off the session, President Pranab Mukherjee called the move to merge the Railway and Union Budgets this year as historic.The days are over when an author could relish the quiet days of writing a book, then pass it off to their publisher who would do the dirty work of promoting it.