Page number quotes from mandating vaccination is harmful

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These objections may lead to an unacceptably high number of exemptions, which can compromise vaccination programs and leave the population susceptible to outbreaks.This paper explores vaccination programs with an eye toward greater public safety without ignoring the reality of a small but committed group of vaccine critics.

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Of those 500 people, 465 had either been previously immunized with measles or had had measles.In addition, lower vaccination rates reduce the level of protection against a vaccine preventable disease at a population level (that is, community or herd immunity), potentially resulting in resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases and associated complications.Effective communication by health care providers has an important influence on people's decisions about whether or not to proceed with immunization.There is significant interest in understanding why some people are unwilling to receive vaccines and how their concerns can be addressed to encourage participation in immunization programs.This chapter reviews what is known about vaccine hesitancy, describes basic principles of effective communication, and provides examples of immunization facts. Rick Perry for mandating a vaccine for school girls, Rep.

Michele Bachmann added some scary charges: She claimed to have just met a woman whose daughter suffered mental retardation from the vaccine, that it has "very dangerous consequences" and that it puts "little children's lives at risk." In the CNN/Tea Party Express debate in Tampa on Sept.

(Read more on the history of the executive order.) Critics raised two major objections to Perry's 2007 order -- that the state should not require vaccinations for sexually transmitted diseases, and that parents should be asked beforehand whether they wanted their children vaccinated.

The Legislature overruled Perry's order, and during the presidential campaign, Perry has said he made a mistake by ordering the vaccinations without consent of the Legislature.

In order to be effective at eliminating communicable diseases, vaccines must be administered to sufficient levels of persons in the community.

Because of this, public health officials have mandated vaccination for certain diseases as a condition to school attendance.

Paul Offit is the co-developer of a vaccine for rotavirus — the leading cause of severe diarrhea in children — and the chief of the division of infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. And it’s very rare actually that measles will spread from one American child to the next, because we have a critical number of people in the United States that are vaccinated.

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