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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona is a JRPG series that has existed since 1996, but has only recently gained notable popularity through Persona 4.Throughout It’s entirety, Persona has had a very high amount of homoeroticism.

In Persona 3 The Movie, she loses the floral patterns on her shirt. S., this made her an easy target for school bullies, to the point of Natsuki Moriyama locking her in the school gym, resulting in her getting trapped in Tartarus.

She is seemingly shorter than the default male protagonist.

She has a pale complexion and striking red eyes (and longer lashes than the other characters, like Aigis.) Her favorite colors seem to be red and orange, as most of her outfits compose of the same color scheme.

If Tatsuya chooses Jun, they are able to have a positively portrayed homosexual romantic relationship that the other playable character don’t disapprove of.

Also, the character designer for the game, Kazuma Kaneko, said that he considers Tatsuya/Jun to be the canon relationship choice, which also says a lot about the Persona series’ views on LGBT characters and relationships.

Note: I just realized that none of this post makes any sense unless you’ve played Persona 3 already.

So maybe don’t bother reading this unless you have.

Fuuka has short teal-blue hair and dark brownish-gray eyes (in the cutscene where she first summons Lucia, her eyes are teal green).

She is the third shortest member of SEES and is usually seen with her right arm behind her back, holding her left arm.

And you should, because Persona 3 is a good game (albeit incredibly long.

I hope you have free time.) on its way, and there was recently a sale on P3P in the Playstation store, so what better time to look back at the series’ past? If you’ve played either console version of P3, P3P does offer some new material.

The female protagonist has auburn hair, which she always has in a high ponytail, along with silver barrettes which form the roman numeral XXII, possibly referencing that the Fool Arcana is not only Arcana 0, but also Arcana 22 with the numbers increasing while going back to the first card after The World (Arcana 21).

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