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Whether as a television analyst for Fox Sports or a radio show host on Sirius XM, he always has plenty to say.Wynalda has a particular expertise in Germany's Bundesliga, and a particular eye on the Americans playing there.

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If you are looking for Philadelphia chat room, please try Philadelphia Chat.But I had a tremendous panel of judges and there were some big surprise winners. You'll be able to taste most winners June 3 at Opening Tap at the Fillmore, which launches Philly Beer Week.Lovers of sour beer - our featured style this year - will rejoice. Every year, I feed my beer judges pizza, and it's not easy to find a good place open on Monday that does delivery.But Santucci's in the Italian Market did an outstanding job.These are square pies with that unique local style of cheese on the bottom below sauce.The private tasting event was our biggest to date, with 35 breweries and 64 beers.

I can't divulge any results until our special Brewvi package in the Inquirer Food section June 2.

But these sturdier pies were especially good and durable for the delivery trip and office buffet service, and were enjoyed by all. The meatball-and-onion pie was my personal favorite.

Reader: Just had a fantastic spring bahn mi hoagie at Bahn Street in Abington, and it was terrific. Legal Seafood in King of Prussia is always a good bet for the classic New England seafood.

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Craig La Ban: We held the Inquirer's seventh annual Brew-vitational Competition for local beers at the paper earlier in the week.

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