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I'm delighted to be joining Emmerdale at a time when the show is going from strength to strength.

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Of his casting Bisson commented: "Jai is a bit of a charmer and has an eye for the ladies but he's also a hard worker with a good business mind.

This eventually culminated in their divorce when Charity discovered his betrayal, leading Jai to start a new relationship with Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye), before having an affair with Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi).

After the character had a severe accident, he was briefly comatose, before recovering. On 21 July 2009, entertainment website Digital Spy reported that Emmerdale would be introducing "a new trio of entrepreneurial siblings", Jai, Nikhil and Priya Sharma as part of the soap's ongoing reinvention.

Once again Peter James provides a great evening’s entertainment.

Rik Makarem and James Cartwright are to star in Martin Sherman’s ground-breaking play Passing By, which opens at the Tristan Bates Theatre this November.

Aaron ends his relationship with Flynn and reconciles with Jackson.

A few months later, Adam spots Flynn on a night out.But with Lee feeling a distinct lack of confidence in himself, will the wedding go ahead or is there some serious heartbreak ahead? Sharon can’t believe it when she makes a shocking discovery in Phil’s will and when Kathy and Ben get involved, pressure mounts for Phil and his health takes a turn for the worse. As Ben continues to consider donating his liver to his ailing dad, he prepares for his psychological assessment and insists that Kathy has nothing whatsoever to do with it. As sparks fly between the pair, will a romance develop? Patrick worries that not all is well with Dot and his concerns are confirmed when she makes an admission to him.Later, Claudette loses it publicly when she tires of Patrick spending time with Dot. When Emma becomes aware that memories are starting to return for Ashley, she takes desperate measures and sets out to maliciously confuse him by switching between conversations.Things are more hopeful in East Enders as a wedding day dawns but with lee carter hiding a secret, will it even go ahead?In a packed week of soap action there are also fights, forbidden kisses, showdowns, health issues, affairs exposed, marriage proposals, childbirth and crimes uncovered so there is plenty to fill you in on in our latest roundup. Maria is horrified to return home to find her flat trashed and Caz nowhere to be seen. Anna tells Kevin that she no longer loves him and wants to split, determined that she won’t be a burden to him.Her anger turns to fear and helplessness as it starts to become clear that she is the victim of a set up as a blood stain being discovered leads to police suspecting that Maria may have killed Caz. Yasmeen is gutted to overhear a conversation between Sharif and Sonia which confirms that they have been having an affair and she confronts her philandering husband, leaving their marriage hanging in the balance. Will he fight for their relationship or is this the end for them? Alex realises that Gemma has been sleeping in the kebab shop and offers to let her use the shower at Roy’s flat.