Robert de niro dating

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Robert de niro dating

But that's not the worst of it: When asked Mayer if he dated black women his response was, "My dick is sort of like a white supremacist.I've got a Benetton heart and a fuckin' David Duke cock."Mayer has since apologized via his Twitter account and on stage for comparing his privates to a former Ku Klux Klan member.

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name calling, what if I called you Redneck, hillbilly, gringo, cracker, white trash, wonder, ancer, peckerwood, hay seed, and my favorite caveman.would not be nice, do you think?

LOL He married two black women and dated two black models: Naomi Campbell (briefly) and long-term relationship Toukie Smith! You don't have to be a wigger, or a domesticated wigger like Robin Thicke to prefer black women.

De Niro is probably not a lesbian, as she had a love relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Her mother, Diahnne Abbott, who is a hot actress too.

When she married Robert De Niro in 1976, Drena was adopted by Robert and her last name was put after his name.

Here's some other celebrities who have made racially charged comments regarding dating outside their race... This makes a lot of people unhappy, mostly Black women.

I've had them come up to me and say, `Why don't you date a Black woman? I wasn't whatever it was they wanted." - "It's not that I prefer black girls, but that's who I find myself relating to as a human being. " - , 2007 COMPLEX SAYS: Way before 50 Cent ever taped Young Buck confused and crying his eyes out, Duane Chapman's son Tucker taped his dad using racial slurs.BW will pretty much take care of themselves and help their partners, I know I did!I found WM appreciate it, Black men like yourself don't help your women your too busy chasing SEX and Whoring in yoru spare time!This loved parents, but raised there, lived all over country as owner of angeles.Generally happens when parties and evidence indicates that sex workers appear to be the again later, it is possible.' Black women didn't accept me when I was younger. I am also attracted to really ghetto girls, straight out the hood... We don't mean you fucking scum nigger without a soul. The Dog's tirade was sparked by news that his son had an African-American girlfriend.

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