Rt updating bgp 0 0 0 00

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The Cumulus' implementation has fixed the VNI encoding in the MPLS label field and sends the Encap Type attribute with encap set to 0x8 (Vx LAN). I don't see the RT being encoded as you mention (from JUNOS), it does seem to be AS: VNI.

The differences is not just about the mapping from VNI to communities.From there I’d be able to check the table size sent over.Nat Morris helped me out by sending a full tables over a multihop BGP session. In order to ensure I’m only running BGP and not installing into the kernel, my configuration looks pretty simple.BGP synchronization is not commonly used today, however still part of the Cisco CCIE certification and must be understood by all candidates trying to obtain the certification.Further there may be some rare cases where this feature is still needed.The issue seems to be to do with what rd I am looking at. The faulty assumption that I made was that the rd would also be translated. So my problem is now not so much redistribution of routes, as this is working, but translation of the rd.

You see part of this scenario was to do a rewrite of the rt and rd at the change of AS. I can't for the life of me work out how to do this on cisco.

BGP route target filtering is most effective at reducing VPN-related administrative traffic in networks where there are many route reflectors or AS border routers that do not participate in the VPNs directly (do not act as PE routers for the CE devices).

Figure 1 illustrates the topology for a network configured with BGP route target filtering for a group of VPNs.

The issue I have that I have been so far unable to solve is that for some reason the cisco routers are not re-advertising the externally learnt vpnv4 routes over the internal vpnv4 BGP sessions.

BGP route target filtering reduces the number of routers that receive VPN routes and route updates, helping to limit the amount of overhead associated with running a VPN.

The CL implementation does not set the ETag or the PMSI attribute at this point.