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That move garnered him a lot of attention from top record companies like Warner Brothers and was the start of his dazzling career.

Prince created a demo at a Minneapolis studio in 1976 and received a recording contract from a Minneapolis businessman when he was 17. In this interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s Peter Flax, the 82-year-old Jewish filmmaker recounts details of what has to be his most formative low: his childhood in Nazi-occupied Poland. Club sifts through the ever-expanding world of podcasts and recommends 10–15 of the previous week’s best episodes. person conundrum—and that is a subject worthy of some introspection and debate—his life story is still fascinating, speckled with dizzying highs and unthinkable lows. Regardless of one’s personal feelings on Roman Polanski vis-à-vis the artist vs.Speaking soberly from his home in Paris, seven decades after the fact, Polanski uses his skills as a storyteller to adorn painful remembrances with just enough detail: the Kraków bridge upon which his father broke down crying while informing his 6-year-old self that his mother had been carted off to Auschwitz; the fountain of blood that erupted from an elderly neighbor’s back after she was felled by a German bullet; the insect-like buzzing sound of countless Allied planes as they filled the sky and arrived to liberate Poland.It couldn’t get any worse.”Get PUCK SOUP on i Tunes here!

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After moving to New York to attend Columbia University, Benincasa started doing stand-up comedy and produced a one-woman show called Agorafabulous, inspired by her struggles with agoraphobia, which led to her first book deal for a memoir of the same name.

Now, Benincasa’s story could reach an even bigger audience thanks to her current project—a TV pilot produced by Diablo Cody for ABC. Club contributor) Peter Labuza has long been an outspoken admirer of Bordwell, though, and here he gives him the spotlight for nearly two full hours.

Garland was married five times and had three children, including daughter Liza Minelli.

I am a wife, mother of 5 children and grandmother to 12 – soon to be 13.

Since his wife left him, he has decided that there is nothing left to live for, and he is prepared to kill himself.