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Honestly, what other benefits are there for seats that fold all the way down? which is a huge bummer and means you're probably not going to find anyone to have sex with you in your car anytime soon.The insane amount of trunk space in the Shooting Brake is perfect for any number of scenarios, from a surplus of grocery bags to writhing naked bodies.

Many opportunities great guy you dating online every year old seeking random video girl have sex with a second.

On average, female travelers were driven 5 percent farther than males, given the same start and finish location.

In a statement, it reminded riders to follow the “universal truth” taught by all parents — treat people as you would like to be treated yourself.

It added: “No matter what.” The company’s “no-sex rule” was one of many examples of poor behavior that could cause riders to lose access to Uber.

The app-based car service instructed passengers not to touch or “flirt” with other people in the car — but neglected to expand on what constituted flirting.

Uber has at times described itself as a ride-hailing service that “brings people together” — “a fun and social new way” to get people from place to place.

But some of Uber’s passengers have perhaps become a bit friendly in the back seat.

Everyone remembers the first car they had sex in -- and what a mess it was: dirty seats, tight spaces, shifters in places shifters should be.

Ford actually just concluded a study with Your Tango that revealed that 57% of Americans had either their first sexual experience, first time to say "I love you," or first breakup (or maybe all three in one night? As an alternative to the truck bed, try a vehicle that's infamous for having seats that fold all the way down.

Let's be honest: the best automobiles are the ones that take you from point A to point XXX.

The sexy backseat rendezvous is one the finest perks of car ownership, even more so than trips to Denny's and singing along with those 10 CDs you still have lying around.

Apologies to the time Shoshanna made out with a doorman and Marnie, Jessa, and Thomas John’s almost-threesome. Season 5, Episode 10, Desi and a groupie Position or act: Fellatio Circumstances of sex: Desi gets a blow job from a very young-looking groupie in his dressing room while Marnie and Ray angrily beg him to open the door. What would pass for scandalous on another show barely registers on 52.

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