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Even in 1987, when starring in Hearts of Fire with Bob Dylan, he had his trademark wrinkled forehead. One website lamented the star's 'terrible face-lift' while another asked if he is 'preparing to star in House of Wax 2'. 'He's a beautiful man and he even plays a woman beautifully. He hasn't had anything done and he doesn't need it.' Everett, who revealed that he was gay in 1989, is currently starring on Broadway in Blithe Spirit.

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He is, arguably, the most handsome actor of his generation, public-school educated and brought up in a military family. But Everett has also been a hard drug user, says he would still try a line of cocaine, and he claims that his career has suffered because of his homosexuality.

He led a promiscuous life as the gay world was rocked by Aids and worried for years that he had contracted the disease.

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Some say the 49-year-old has simply turned back the clock with some healthy living.

But his new fresh face doesn't bear much of a resemblance to the first one he had as a young man. magazine Star called on the opinion of a surgeon who said Everett looked 'ten years younger'.

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Thanks to his ruggedly handsome looks, Rupert Everett won a legion of female - and male - admirers. The actor's appearance on a television chat show in the U. It was the incredible transformation in his skin, however, that drew the most comments.

Everett's tousled salt-and-pepper hair had been replaced by a carefully combed dark brown mop and his designer stubble had been scraped off.

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