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Although she typically signed her name Opha M., this was an official document and her middle name was necessary. “Throughout her three decades of service to our ...

According to Victoria Milan, a dating site for adults secretly seeking extramarital affairs, women across the world begin cheating on their partners around the same time into their marriage.“I didn’t feel like socialising or finding an Airbnb so I just decided to go for it.” She wasn’t nervous, she says – she’s rarely nervous, in fact – because “bad things can happen anywhere in the world, but there are more good people than bad.” She never feels alone, she says because even a chat with someone in a petrol station gets her mood up.Next on the agenda is a work stint – Australia or America, she says, to do anything that allows her flexibility (in the past she’s waitressed and done construction work).My grandfather served in WWII and the Korean War and my father served during the Vietnam War Era. I was one the lucky kids who got to see the world, Korea and all over Europe.As I grew up, my family had a tradition that some one needed to join a military branch. [Read more of this review] As You Wave On This poem was written in Ramadi Iraq, 2005.advertisement Still, our coverage of Zika will continue.

Going forward we’ll use this space to alert you to important news about Zika as it arises — so stay tuned.

You might not think that by the time you’re 30, you’d have slept by the roadside in a tunnel in Italy, sold all your belongings, and maxed out your Facebook friend limit, but Nikki Misurelli has done all that.

She’s also motorcycled 17,500 miles across the world – and if that’s not enough, she’s done all that alone.

“He said he wanted to motorcycle all the way from Alaska down to Argentina,” Misurelli told The Independent. “So we broke up and I went by myself.” Since then - when she covered 12,000 miles from Alaska to Panama - Misurelli has barely stopped.

“I asked him if I could go with him but he said no, that it was a ‘guys only’ trip. On her sports bike (she's made it into an "adventure bike" by adding dual sports tyres), not only has she ridden the west coast of the Americas and spent time in Central America, but last month she finished a 5,500 mile journey over the other side of the pond. I pulled all my retirement money and sold almost all of my belongings.

She ticked off Italy, Spain, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Austria and Slovenia, and even nipped over to Morocco. It’s amazing how little we actually need in life.” In between trips, she works part-time; on the road, she carries a tent, hammock, sleeping bag and a few clothes.