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Our conservative, precise approach to pediatric dentistry builds beautiful smiles from day one.

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John Ashe, 16, was sentenced to two years in the Department of Youth Corrections after pleading guilty in Douglas County juvenile court to a felony count of possession of an explosive or incendiary device and a misdemeanor charge of possession of a handgun by a juvenile.We have been going for almost 5 years, and the kids are always excited to go in… The front office is also so friendly.” “All 4 of my kids love to go to the Castle Rock Smiles because they love Dr. His staff is very kind, and they do a good job of making my kids feel special and comfortable.Our 6-year-old always gets very anxious when it comes to new places and things. Benzley did a wonderful job filling the cavities, our son was calm and felt no pain, and still likes the dentist! The hygienists are fun and the entire experience is easy for my kids is great! Best of all, they are not worried about going to the dentist! Benzley is gentle and makes it a positive time here.There, they discovered the two explosive devices and dangerous chemicals, leading to the evacuation of more than 30 homes in the Plum Creek neighborhood.Some residents had to stay in a temporary shelter while investigators and firefighters worked at the home.Our friendly, compassionate team is here to answer all of your questions about sedation dentistry. Benzley and his team love serving the Castle Rock community and participate in a variety of community events throughout the year. Benzley also enjoys educating children about the importance of oral health by visiting school classrooms and inviting preschools or other groups to his office.

When you are faced with a felony sex charge, an attorney who has regularly advised and represented clients in sex offense matters can help explain your rights, your legal options and consequences.

A bomb squad detonated the two explosive devices not far from the home after concluding they were too dangerous to move any farther.

The chemicals were found in glass beakers and jugs and – if combined – could have proved deadly, according to firefighters who responded to the home.

The following types of crimes are specifically excluded from the information on this website: any incident before 2011; sexual assaults; crimes against at-risk juveniles or at-risk adults; death investigations other than homicides; child abuse; domestic violence; stalking; and any case that has been administratively locked or judicially sealed.

RAIDS Online compiles crime data using automated processes that are susceptible to error.

The purpose of the Adult Protective Services program is to protect adults who cannot protect themselves.

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